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Project Spotlight: Friday Harbour Resort – Illuminating Waterfront Elegance

Experience the enchantment of Friday Harbour Resort, where innovative lighting control transforms the Vertical Linear Boardwalk into a stunning masterpiece. LCSC proudly collaborated with Friday Harbour’s IT and Facilities team to centralize the exterior lighting control system, seamlessly integrating it into the core Building Management System (BMS).

Project Scope: Vertical Linear Boardwalk Lighting Control

Centralization and Networking:

  • LCSC worked hand-in-hand with Friday Harbour’s IT and Facilities team to centralize the exterior lighting control system. All hardware was meticulously integrated, creating a sophisticated network for seamless communication.

Day and Night Scenes:

  • Tailored lighting scenes were crafted to transition effortlessly between day and night. The boardwalk comes alive with dynamic lighting schemes that complement the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Event Customization:

  • The lighting control system offers a myriad of options for various events along the waterfront. From vibrant community gatherings to intimate soirĂ©es, the boardwalk can be transformed to suit the ambiance of any occasion.


  • Friday Harbour IT and Facilities Team:
    • The collaboration with Friday Harbour’s internal teams was pivotal. LCSC worked closely to integrate the exterior lighting control into the existing BMS system, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation.

Technological Innovation:

  • The project leveraged existing hardware infrastructure, focusing on creating a robust lighting control network.
  • Customized scene creation allows for effortless adaptation to the changing needs of the boardwalk, ensuring a captivating visual experience.


The Vertical Linear Boardwalk at Friday Harbour Resort is now more than a waterfront; it’s an immersive canvas of light and ambiance. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll under the sun, a romantic evening, or a lively waterfront event, the lighting control system enhances the atmosphere, making every moment memorable.

Friday Harbour Resort stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of technology and natural beauty. With LCSC’s lighting control expertise, the boardwalk becomes a living, breathing entity, responding to the rhythm of the day and the heartbeat of the community. Immerse yourself in the allure of Friday Harbour, where every step is illuminated by design.