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Project Showcase: GORE Headquarters Client Capabilities Centre, Maryland

Step into the future of experiential technology at the GORE Headquarters Client Capabilities Centre in Maryland. This visionary project transforms information and insight into a captivating journey within the heart of GORE’s innovations.

Interactive Features:

Interactive Corridors:

  • Motion sensors bring the space to life, creating interactive corridors that respond to the movements of visitors, providing a dynamic and engaging experience.

Product Wall:

  • A large product wall takes center stage, featuring touch sensor LED controls. Users can explore GORE’s product portfolio with an intuitive touch interface, seamlessly blending information and aesthetics.

Product Highlight Lighting:

  • Precision lighting design highlights key products, creating a visual spectacle that not only educates but captivates.


  • Design and Fabrication: Taylor Group
    • Taylor Group’s expertise in design and fabrication brought the Client Capabilities Centre to life, ensuring that the physical space harmonizes with the innovative vision.
  • Lighting Fabrication and Installation: Prism Lighting Group/Urban Visuals
    • Prism Lighting Group and Urban Visuals worked in tandem to execute the lighting fabrication and installation, creating an immersive environment that enhances the overall experience.
  • AV and System Networking: Blue Cadet
    • Blue Cadet, a leader in AV and system networking, orchestrated the integration of technology, ensuring seamless connectivity and functionality throughout the Centre.

Custom Control System:

  • The control system is entirely custom, designed to cater to each component’s unique requirements. This bespoke approach ensures optimal performance and responsiveness.

Technological Integration:

  • 96 channel Falcon Drivers drive pixel components on the product wall and immersive corridors, offering a visual feast that responds to user interactions.
  • 4 channel RGBW drivers power standard display LEDs, providing versatility and richness to the overall lighting scheme.
  • Integration into motion sensor controls and touch interfaces, coupled with the AV design, creates an immersive ambiance that goes beyond information delivery.


The GORE Client Capabilities Centre stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of technology and innovation. Step inside this immersive space where every detail, from motion-sensing corridors to touch-controlled product displays, unfolds a narrative of GORE’s cutting-edge capabilities. Witness the future of interactive exploration at GORE Headquarters.