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The term lighting control is typically used to indicate standalone control of the lighting within a space.  This definition, though true, has become a bit too narrow in its scope.  A control system at its core, does indicate control of lighting – how that control is implemented and applied however,  can be vastly different from project to project.

An exhibitor, may require a system that will  to enhance an already existing build to give that extra “pop” or wow factor.  An artist on the other had, may require a very subtle integration of lighting control to a project or art piece, ensuring there is very little or no distraction to what they are trying to get across in their art.

Whereas, a film or television show would utilize a lighting system completely different from both examples, by creating a fully integrated control system to be utilized and expanded upon depending on the day to day needs of the project.

All three of scenarios all require lighting control in some way,  but each project with a vastly different use of lighting and how it should be controlled.

Whether you are lookin for a fully automated lighting control solution for you already have a system but the require the programming the system needs to achieve your desired control we can help.